Layover in Dubai: What can you do?

If you are flying with Emirates, you’ll certainly end up with a short (or long) layover in Dubai. I’d recommend you a minimum of 6 hour layover to think about getting out of the airport:

The best way to explore Dubai for a short layover would be to use their taxi system, that are available 24×7. Note that Uber can’t pick you up at the airport and could be more expensive than the taxi.

Jumeirah Beaches

Have a swim near the Burj Al Arab. There are many public beaches around. The most developed beaches are closer and south of Burj Al Arab
Price:  Free

Burj Kalifa

Visit the tallest in the world, 828 metres (2,716.5 feet) high and check the highest outdoor observation deck in the world.
Duration of the visit: 1 hour 30 minutes. The waiting line can be excessively long. opt for the “Fast Track” ticket (~$82) to skip it
149 AED (~ 40USD) after 7pm, 533AED (145 USD) otherwise

Dancing water fountain show 

Right next to the Burj Kalifa, you, will have the option to spend some time to check the world’s largest choreographed fountain show.
Duration of the show: 30 minutes
Price:  68.25 AED (~ 18USD)
Check the show schedule in their website.

The Gold Souk

Visit the souk, especially the gold portion to see all the shiny jewelry on display.

Duration of the visit: 3hours. Most shops don’t open till 10am.

The Mall of the Emirates

If you want to see the city at its most decadent, take the train to the Dubai Mall or the Mall of the Emirates, where you can go skiing or snowboarding indoors among other things.

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