What should I do/know when I arrive at the airport?

From Pudong: A taxi will cost you about 160RMB and will take about 1 hour to the city center. Subway (Line 2) from Pudong Airport to city center for 8rmb.
From Hongqiao: A taxi will cost you about 50RMB and will take about 30 minutes

What's different from other countries/cities?

Everything happen on mobile apps (wechat) in China. You'll pay (almost) everything with Wechat.

Get your cash and VPN sorted in advance until you can set up a local SIM and pay on mobile apps
Try to setup a bank account when you arrive to get a Union Pay Debit card and link it to your wechat account

Google Translate and a good VPN (Astrill or ExpressVPN) will be your best friends

I need a SIM card

Short term: Go to any China Unicom store with your passport. They have a SIM card for 30 days and 20GB 300 mins for 99RMB. This SIM card will expire after 30 days.
Long term: China Unicom / China Mobile have many offer package for new numbers. Unlimited 4G (within the city) for about 99RMB/month with a yearly contract

Tips: Check if your oversea carrier (eg: Google Fi) include data roaming. You'll be able to bypass the internet restriction without VPN

Where can I book/rent an apartment?

Check those apartment listings website: smartshanghai.com/housing/apartments-rent

I need a bank account / debit card

You will need an apartment lease, passport (including resident permit), work permit and a local cell phone number to receive all the 2FA security text messages. If you have a tourist visa some banks might accept you, but some restriction has been implemented on tourists visa. ICBC or China Merchant Bank are great bank choices.

Tips: You can withdraw in almost every countries with UnionPay debit cards with really low fees (0.5%). With a limit of 100,000rmb/year and 10,000rmb/day

Coffee shops / Coworking to work from

1984 Book Store, near Shanghai library
1898 Cafe, Empty during the day, plenty of outlets at 1st floor and comfy
Sisyphe bookstore, at People Square has a great cafe integrated in it dianping.com/shop/114509161
Mokka Bros 108 xianyang bei Lu near xinle lu. It has a really cool vibe for getting things done
Keep it Quiet - http://www.smartshanghai.com/venue/14544/keep_it_quiet_bar_shanghai

Unique things I can only do/buy here?

Starbucks Reserve Roastery worth a detour starbucksreserve.com/en-us/locations/shanghai
If you're looking to have a drink with a view on the Bund, go to the rooftop bar at the Fairmont Peace Hotel for about 100rmb a cocktail fairmont.com/peace-hotel-shanghai

The must try restaurants?

人和馆 Great value Shanghai's local cuisine with witness 1920's Shanghai vibe dianping.com/shop/17182037
Crab and pork dumplings Man Long Chun ( 满陇春 ) dianping.com/shop/96697911
Fresh Beef Hotpot
MaoDoAiyi - Local Shanghai Food
VinVie - Japanese/French Fusion
Ao Men Road Friday Muslim Market

Where can I go for a weekend gataway?

Suzhou - You can reach there within 30 minutes with the High Speed Train from Shanghai Station
MoGanShan - Bamboo forest getaway

Who should you thanks for those informations?

Ray @ Shanghai
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