What should I do/know when I arrive at the airport?

The MRT is the fastest way to get in the city (Taipei Main Station) in 40minutes for $NT160. Be careful, don't take the slower one that stops at every station

Sim card: don't want to be under a contract or you will not have an ARC? Get a prepaid SIM card with unlimited data for 6 months (3500ntd) / 1 year. This plan is only available at the airport, and aimed for students. Might not work if you look over 50 imgur.com/a/UdwLysE

What's different from other countries/cities?

It's cheaper to eat outside than cooking at home

You can buy almost everything from convenience stores. They're open 24h and within 5minutes walk from anywhere.

Buy an EasyCard at any convenient store. It will make your life easier to take the MRT or uBike

What are some things you wish you knew before moving to Taiwan for a year or two?

Any staple medications that you use regularly are not easy to find: Tylenol, ibuprofen, Benadryl, allergic, tums, etc. Regular supplement and vitamins. are hard to find. Taiwan FDA are very strict on OTC, like, you can not get melatonin in TW.
Costco membership worth it. Most of foreign products/food can be found there.
If you like to cook with an oven, it will be hard to find an apartment with one. You can invest in a good electrical oven for ~3000 NTD

I need a SIM card

With an ARC: Get a 1 year contract with Taiwan Mobile. 399TWD/month for unlimited 4G.

Without ARC:
Only at the airport: get a SIM card a 6 months / 1 year prepaid SIM card with unlimited data. imgur.com/a/UdwLysE
In any Taiwan Mobile shop in the city: Get the foreigners student package: 6 months unlimited 4G for 3500NTD. You can also get 2 (1500NTD), 3 (1800 NTD) or 4 (2300NTD) months prepaid plans imgur.com/a/1Y3EiIa

Where can I rent an apartment?

Few days or weeks:
Airbnb or Agoda

For 6+ months:
This Facebook group has listings in English facebook.com/groups/taipei.taiwan.apartment.rentals
591 rent.591.com.tw with Google Translate can find you some good deals. Use the maps to find apartment in specific area
For "higher end" apartments, check www.elegant-realty.com.tw. english speaking, they'll help you find great apartments
Any real estate agency in the area you want to live in (You'll pay half a month rent as fees)

I need a bank account / debit card

1. Get yourself a “Record of ID Number in the ROC” from the National Immigration Office (bring your passport) - No work visa / arc needed
2. Take this ID number, proof of address, local phone number, passport and cash for an initial deposit to t any branch Taipei Fubon Bank or Mega Bank. They're foreigner friendly with english websites
3. Ask them for a debit card

How to go from A to B?

Public transportation is cheap, reliable and convenient. Use Google Maps to find your way. At the airport or in any 7/11, buy an "Easy card" and top it up.

MRT (Subway) - 20twd / ride
uBike - ~5twd/ride - Taipei is flat and there are bike stations literally within 5 minutes walk from anywhere. You will need a phone number to activate uBike and an "Easy card"
Uber - usually cheaper than taxi
Taxi - minimum 70twd / ride

Coffee shops / Coworking to work from

Dongmen: Yaboo cafe https://goo.gl/maps/r1DtWTuricSQXekB7
Taipei Main Station: Notch https://goo.gl/maps/HPrQrasMG2HRk5mx7 / The Hive Co-working space https://g.page/theHiveTaipei
Xinyi: Wooloomooloo https://goo.gl/maps/fBinL9Ydunypqww76
JustCo has 3 location in the city. You can access to any of them for 5250 ntd/month justcoglobal.com/tw/en/locations/taipei
Not enough? Here a curated list of coffee shops to work from: http://goo.gl/Ljq5rG

Unique / worth to buy things in Taipei

Food: peanut nougat, pineapple cake, loose-leaf oolong tea, plum wine
Facial masks

The must try restaurants?

Din Tai Fung in Dongmen ( https://goo.gl/maps/ir6GZU6DKKNFvVWD9 ) - Show up when they open in the morning or you'll have an 1h+ waiting line
LoCo Food https://goo.gl/maps/pXLg8cg55kdk45uZ8 - Modern Taiwanese Breakfast
打咔生猛活海鮮 Stir-fry restaurant ChianKaiChek https://goo.gl/maps/XJap2X6tJTfPXavo8
Lao Shandong goo.gl/maps/cKUnmMbr7KscLSY57 - Great dumplings and beef noodles

I need to lift / workout

Many gyms are available without membership:
Soulfit: Pay per minute goo.gl/maps/RLcV31p1AK3mPKDS6
1st Fitness: Pay per minute goo.gl/maps/5h8XXwLZ5QjyxVWh6
Myway fitness: Pay per minute goo.gl/maps/ewYzWQp1yayXwFNY6
People Fitness, NT$50/visit goo.gl/maps/91uhf5Ag1Jhwx8fQ7
The Keys:1 time NT$1500, then NT$1500/month. no contract, can pause or leave anytime
Public gyms : NT$50/hour

Also a recent list of gyms: thejtang.com/travel/travel_tips/taipei-dropin-gyms-list

I want to stay longer in Taiwan

- If you have a high salary, or specific skills, check the Employment Gold Card: taiwangoldcard.com/application-faq/
- The Entrepreneur visa gives you a 1 year visa

Where can I buy foreign food?

Carrefour for wine and cheese - The one in Tianmu has the most cheese selection with great value ( https://g.page/carrefourtianmu )
Jasons supermarket, they have great frozen saussage (spanish / italian / german)
Great selection of cheese at Gusto
City Super

Where can I buy affordable wine?

I'm french and love wine. You can find great wine between 200 and 300 NTD. Carrefour and Costco are the place to get the best deals. Use vivino mobile app, and take wine over 3.2 stars

How do I pay tax?

Just show up at the Tax office in Beimen goo.gl/maps/svg24zbVwicKkriQ6. They have a helpdesk in english and will answer to all your questions for free

You can easily make a simulation with this tax calculator: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_UNRjnQXEdcUYLkw-Hqo1K22RE1QAjIFelvtp0nD0mY/

Where can I go for a weekend gateaway?

Tons of beautiful hikes around Taipei: followxiaofei.com/taipei-attractions
Taroko Gorges in Hualien
Head to Tainan for delicious food
Yangminshan can be done for a day or weekend trip
Tamsui for a day trip

How much is a hair dresser?

For men it is usually around the 400NTD mark. Women are more expensive, and usually 600 NTD.

There is a great value one next to Daan Station for 100 ntd (men/women) goo.gl/maps/sBW9qBmGqbrEsQs8A

Where can I go for a week?

Orchid Island
Green Island
Xiaoliuqiu Island

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