What should I do/know when I arrive at the airport?

ATM Fees: each withdraw, no matter the ATM, will cost you 220baht (7 usd). Try to withdraw as much as possible when you arrive.

Take an official taxi at the airport counter. Someone will write you a coupon and you'll be asked to pay upfront. It will cost around 160 baht for most of the destination in the city. A driver will come pick you at the counter. Grab can be used as well, but is sometimes more expensive.

What's different from other countries/cities?

It's cheaper to eat outside than cooking at home

ATM Fees: each withdraw, no matter the ATM, will cost you 220baht (7 usd). Try to withdraw as much as possible at once.

Be ready to force your way when you'll want to cross a road, even when there is a zebra crossing. Or you'll never make it to the other side (not even joking)

Be careful when walking on the street or even sidewalk - You'll be surprised on how cars and bikes get really near to pedestrians

I need a SIM card

Go to any AIS (ais.co.th) store. They have a SIM card with 30GB of data for 100 baht. You can then top it up at any AIS store when running out of data.

Where should I stay/live

Few days: Airbnb or Agoda - I recommend Chiangmun Hotel at the north gate of the old city for about 400baht/night (13 usd)

Few weeks or more: Get a condominium in Nimman for their convencience ( restaurants / shops / services ). Siri Condominium, Pansook, The Urban Condo are great in the 13,000 - 18,000 baht range. They are convenient, spacious, in the luxuary side and have swimming pool

How to go from A to B?

You can get the red "songtaew" (wikipedia.org/wiki/Songthaew) as a taxi. Say the address or show your destination (with google maps), then seat with other passengers if any. Price will be around 30-40 baht. Songthaew drivers can refuse the ride if that's not on his path (or they're not feeling like taking you).

Uber is not working. Use Grab instead. If you're alone, grab bike can be a good solution, from 45 baht for short rides up to 65 baht for long ones. For multiple person, grab car will be your go to solution

Where can I rent a bike?

Nimman: Mango Bikes 750 bath/3days, 2500 baht/month
Old City: Bamboo Bikes - 100 baht/day

⚠ You will be fined 500 bath if you drive without a valid international license. Their favorite targets are white foreigners

Coffee shops / Coworking to work from

Camp @ Maya - open 24 hours
Passion Project
Ombra Caffe
Ombra Caffe no.3
Punspace has some coworking spaces all around the city and members can go to any of them punspace.com
Wake Up Coffee - open 24 hours

Unique things I can only do/buy here?

Ride a songtaew without knowing its destination
Weekend Night Market taking over the old city main street

The must try restaurants?

Cherng Doi Roast Chicken - Crispy chicken to die for
Fahtara Coffee - Really nice Khao Soy and Pad Thai in an amazing outdoor environment
Khao Soy Maesai - Cheap Khao Soy, order multiple things to get full

Where can I go for a weekend gateaway?

Pai - a 4 hours bus from the city
Chiang Rai - a 3 hours bus from the city

Who should you thanks for those informations?

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